Welcome to My Nightmare…

Here is what worries me:

Karl Rove (R-Diebold) predicted the GOP would hold both houses.  What if the predictions were a ruse?  What if they wanted to throw this election? It’s not impossible – the close Senate races were conceded. Only that gasbag JD Hayworth is still trying to resist the will of the people.  Maybe he missed the memo, since no one was around to read it to him.  Why would this help?

1.  Maybe there is an economic stink bomb coming:  China calls in the massive Bush debt, $4 gas, recession.  They can finger point to Dems in ’08 (“are you better off than 2 years ago”).
2.  An actual terror plot.  We know Bush was advised about something like 9/11 on 8/10 (not specifically).  We know Clinton knew about the plane = bomb tactic and tried to advise the Bush admin.  If they think there is something coming and don’t know how to stop it, they can say Dems = terror.  Watch out starting next year.
3.   for 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  If Bush greenlit 9/11 in order to consolidate power and foment the call for the pre-planned Iraq war, this is more of the same to further entrench or re-entrench the fascist bastards.

Here is a worse nightmare.  Bush resigns before 1/2 his second term is up in order to run in ’08.  But wait, there is that 22nd Amendment.  So maybe the nightmare is Bush resigns after the halfway point, leaving open the possibility of 10 years of Cheney.  Yikes.

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