Bear Boat Pinot Noir 2003

Aged for aged for ten months in French oak and carefully fined before its release. While the color is brilliant red reminiscent of black cherries, the nose offers hints of warm toast and cassia. Has a mouth of fresh strawberries and raspberries while delicate suggestions of black licorice enhance the lingering finish.- Bear Boat winery

“Pinot Noir is so 2002” – Superstar*

“Thomas Hayden Church kicks ass in Spiderman 3, but his Sideways wine snob buddy was a pussy of an orangutan in Planet of the Apes. Where’s the fucking beer?” – P(LOS)

“It’s Sofa King Awesome” – me, wineblogging again…

*to be honest and accurate and all that shit, Superstar said she just wasn’t that into PNs, preferring a “spicy” Zin instead.


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