They Made Us Change Our Name

Rock Star Supernova

In four words: It Ain’t That Special

It’s Rockstar Supernova, from the band Rockstar Supernova, from the show Rockstar Supernova.

The new band Supernova? Lawsuit says change your name. Tommy Lee says help us get a new name featuring “supernova.” Then bails on the concept. Why spend money on changing the name.

The tour? Supposed to feature the house band and the top 5. Cancelled, because why spend the money on a gooder band with even gooderer singers.

The package? Same shit we’ve seen since the day after the show ended. Why spend money changing the looks?

The Music? Hmm. We were promised a new hard sound. Not metal, but rock. Not all top 40 pop, but Rock. Whadda ya get? Led Zepp, Journey, Poison and the opening band at the Mason Jar on Thursdays (with some high effort overproduction). Because why spend money making something innovative.

(BTW, Jason Newsted “fucked up his arm” and got out of the tour. Tragedy or dumb luck?)

So, anyway, I am already bored writing this while I listen. Why the fuck did I spend the money?

Dilana, Storm and the rest got the better gigs.

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