John McCain Hates America

Clinton Obama 08

I hate free speech.

No sane person is in favor of kiddie porn.  But, like most other attempts to squelch dissent, undue burdens and heavy handed police power displays will effectively do that (squelch free speech).  Some cretin comes out of the blue and posts shit here and I – I have to do all this documentation shit?  I have to keep logs?  I have to report?  I am subject to $50,000–300,000 fines per incident of failing to report.

Fuck you, John.  Fuck you in the ear, with a broomstick.  An adult, consenting broomstick, of course.  Websites like this are not the problem.  Creeps are the problem.  Carrots for the good guys, John, not sticks.  Stick it to the creeps, not your loyal opposition.  Fine their ass, not mine.

BTW, my vote for you ever again=gone.  No more constitution hating, police state loving nut jobs in government.

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