Things that go bump…

Why can’t I dream about normal stuff, like hot chicks?

So, it’s 3:45 am and I have woken myself up. I have never been so glad to find myself all alone in bed and awake when I ought to be asleep. At 3:44, I was was in Colorado with 8 Barrel, in a police chase that resulted in some chasers crashing. And getting dead in the process.

Reckless driving was a problem. Fleeing and eluding was a problem. Those, plus the underlying cause of the chase, whatever it was that criminal mastermind OG did, created a big problem. Time to spring out that inner calm, which will be real helpful for the next 3 to 5. But then the kicker: felony murder. Stupid dead cops. Oh fuck! Life sentence? Death sentence (which would almost be preferable)? Suicide by cop? Sirens approaching. Gotta decide that last one right now. My poor babies…

Then, blissful consciousness. Not being chased.


Not going to prison.


Not completely screwing up my kids’ little world. Again.


That’s it. No more dinners at 11 pm, necessitated by 5 minute car repairs at 10 pm that take an hour because I can’t get all the right tools at the same time.

Until next time, anyway…

2 thoughts on “Things that go bump…

  1. 5 years in CO and I missed that road somehow. I had a chance a couple years ago in a POS Liberty, but there was a more direct route to “scenic” Cortez CO. D-ooh!

    No, this little drama played out in less stellar surroundings. Think Julesburg, or Burlington, or, god help us all, La Junta.

    “POS Durango” (or “SF”) is redundant. Durango and Santa Fe should be insulted by their turdmobile namesakes.

  2. Were we on the million dollar higway between Silverton and Ouray? Cause I’ve always wanted to drive that one balls out in a really fast car; no guardrails, lots of switchbacks, 500’+ drops into river canyons. You’d be surprised how fast you can get a POS Durango or Santa Fe going on some of those tight turns albeit with lots of complaining from the tires (and spouses) and doors moving around in their openings due to ridicuolous amounts of body flex.

    Next time dream about a liesurly train ride from Denver into Glenwood Springs. I think it maxes out at about 40 mph and the scenery is truly stunning in spots.

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