Victory for boobies

Judge: Florida woman didn’t break law by exposing breasts

(AP) – A woman did not break the law when she exposed her breasts to protest laws that bar women from publicly going bare breasted, a judge has ruled. County Judge David B. Beck said Thursday that Elizabeth Book, 44, of Ormond Beach, did not violate disorderly conduct laws. Book was arrested by Daytona Beach police July 2, 2005, for disrobing in public. Her attorney, Lawrence G. Walters, said the city is trying to censor his client. ”I’ve never seen another city or case where the city has shown so much time and effort to shut down one person’s First Amendment right of protected speech,” Walters said. ‘They just can’t seem to let it go. They need to stop wasting taxpayers’ money.” Beck and the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals previously ruled in favor of Book for a similar incident. She was first arrested for bearing her chest during Bike Week in March 2004. Deputy City Attorney Marie Hartman said an appeal has been filed for a local court of appeal to reconsider the most recent case. ”We have no problems with her holding up signs, to hold public forums to protest nudity laws, but that does not include the right to go nude,” Hartman said. “Any more than you can stand on a podium and snort cocaine to protest cocaine laws.”

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