End of year cheesy sell out post.

Sucked in 2006

Did the opposite of suck in 2006


Dismissals with prejudice

No bonus, no raise

No unemployment



Contacts that bug my eyes

Getting noticed by babes

Interminable workouts at the gym

Getting noticed by babes

Getting ogled by dudes at the gym

Getting noticed by babes anywhere

Goodbye to Sami

Goodbye to cleaning up after Sami

Ohio State,

Colorado, Cardinals



Being old enough to have reunions

Not being dead and missing them

JD Hayworth, Jon Kyl

Unemploying even one of those sycophantic asses.


Nope – they just suck

Almost no free weekends

Being the fun parent

Getting pulled over

Driving away

Andrew Thomas, fascist county attorney

Driving away

$3 gas

Driving away

Making moronic and obtuse end of year lists

Finishing them and cracking a beer

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