in the air tonight…

I can feel it. I just don’t know what it is doing yet. Is it post holiday loneliness? It is pre-Valentines jitters? For some reason, the chiquitas have been noticeably aware of my presence: talking to me all night at the bar, emails out of the blue, internet “flirts,” babes eyeballing me at the gym […]

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Go f*** yourself

It really works!  (Just not the way it’s usually intended when I say it.  I have never wished “go have babies without an independent gamete source” on anyone.) Zoo celebrates virgin Komodo birth MANCHESTER, England (AP) — A British zoo on Wednesday announced the virgin birth of five Komodo dragons, giving scientists new hope for […]

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Rhymes with #%$@#^@#^@#^@%%!!!

Valley drivers can expect more speed cameras in ’07. Expect more freeway speed-enforcement cameras on Arizona freeways by the end of 2007, Gov. Janet Napolitano warned Wednesday. After reviewing reports that cameras along Scottsdale’s portion of Loop 101 lowered speeds and reduced accidents, state officials are considering ways to duplicate the city’s freeway photo-enforcement program. […]

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AOL News- Kerry Bows Out of White House Race – Entire Country Breathes Easier

Senator John Kerry (D-surrender monkey) demonstrates the magnitude of his chances to be president after his botched 2004 campaign and other d-ooh moments. Elections – Road to 2008 – AOL News- Kerry Bows Out of White House Race – AOL News. John “I will not surrender, I will just forgo all efforts to succeed” Kerry […]

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Satan is alive

Satan is alive and living on Craiglist. Want proof? This: Don’t read it.Dad/Daughter Role Play – m4w (East Valley)Don’t read it. is some fuckhead’s idea of “porn” and a role playing hook up. It is not porn, it is Lucifer’s own colon, after a night of beans, onions, habaneros and battery acid. It’s toxic. Don’t […]

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