What is wrong with this picture

Dude eats one WEEK’S worth of Dr. G calories in an hour. Then hits the In N Out burger for some animal fries and a 6×6 protein style.

According to the article, “competitive eating” is a “sport.” Part of me is offended that kids go hungry while this fat f*** waddles around the gluttony pro circuit.* The other part of me wonders:

1. Is this on ESPN, and if not, why not?
2. Why are the corollary sports* not receiving equal coverage?

*Wouldn’t it be kick ass to hold the Olympics for “competitions” like these in exotic lands like Chad.**in order: competitive barfing (volumetric and target), the super colon blow 9000 (again, volumetric and target) and of course, the crowd pleasing competitive myocardial infarction.

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