Just the facts, man

Friday, I come home from work. My plans are extensive: a couple of beers, some WoW, sleep. It’s been a blissful 6 weeks without the clowns* downstairs, who moved out before they could be thrown out. I had a specific discussion with the complex and they promised that the space beneath me would be the last one filled. There is at least some karmic equivalence in my favor, because there is another vacant downstairs unit. Today? I have neighbors, while the other apartment sits vacant.

Me: I have to be quiet now (due to neighbors). I’m gonna kill those lying fuckers.
Karma: Wait for it. It gets better.

I go into my place, and boot up my computer. Nothing. It wont fire up. Power to the box is good. Some little green light in the power supply is blinking.

No cable either. Power outage. The restart surge probably killed the HP. My circuit breaker box on the outside is open.

Hmm. This morning, they woke me up to move my car because some idiot was running a jackhammer 8 feet away for a new light pole. (He was taking precautions** to protect my wheels.)

Me: That idiot d/c’ed my power from the outside. Those bastards fucked me over twice. They are so dead.
Karma: Wait for it.

Before embarking on my murderous rampage, I learned this afternoon that (apparently) underneath me WAS the last available space for a ground unit. Shit. So much for line dancing classes in my living room. At least I got the pregnant couple, and not the WalMart stoners. And, the outage took out three city blocks. Phoenix blocks, which are one square mile each. So, that was not my shitty landlord’s fault either. Fortunately, my pervasive inner calm saved me from prison once again.

And, I learned how to install one of these successfully.***

*Example #1:  weekend parties that go to 5 am.
#2:   it’s 7 am. their bedroom radio is louder in my bedroom than my radio/computer/guitar is in my bedroom when nobody else is around to be bothered. Fuckers.

**In this case, a precaution is a cardboard box leaned against a pole 7 feet away. Imbecile.

***Success=no one died in the undertaking, although profuse bleeding was part of the experience

Important lessons: No part of the installation should involve things catching on fire; the hard drive should not double as a coaster for your beer; CompUSA is closed at 9:00, not 9:15, jackass, your nerd loser online shit will have to wait for tomorrow.

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