Barrett Jackson 2007: 1969 DODGE CORONET 500

8 thoughts on “Barrett Jackson 2007: 1969 DODGE CORONET 500

  1. Grazy looking car, absolutily beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m from Europe and I’m looking for a simular car but have not found one. Can you tip me if you know one that’s for sale????

    Much Regardes
    Otto van Driel
    Europe / Holland
    member of moparclub Holland

  2. I used to have a lite blue 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 4-door with a 318. It was my first car! Do you still have the Aunt Jean-mobile? Are you interested in selling? Or do you have more photos?

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  4. i have a 22000 mile 69 coronet 500 complete i am the second owner many new parts have all chrome 318 auto on floor factory 323 posi have bill of sale build sheet but mouse chewed up 11 inch brakes rear defroster green on green 16000 obo call barry at 610 882 4086

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