Sometime one’s buddies are not completely insane, they’re just a little off in the details. Try to follow along here.

air cleaner Four barrel
“four barrel”
Mopar air cleaner 440 six barrel
Six barrel.

OK, as far as it goes…

wrong 8 barrel

This is part of a six pack. – 8 barrel.

But I digress.

Oh come on. You were so close!

According to Chrysler, ca. 1968-1970 this would be a real “eight barrel.” (If they remembered the labels.)

high tech computer simulation

What have we learned? Thirty years of relentless picking on 8 is all Chrysler’s fault for rampant inconsistency in engine stickers.

Plus the fact that 8 Barrel’s Monaco had “only” a 4 barrel, when he wished it was an actual 8 barrel.

8 is not not the first male to, uh, make a measurement error. Of 100%. Especially the one where you call a “4” an “8.” But I don’t want to talk about that chick who didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. Just know she’s off my speed dial after she told all her friends about it.)

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