I was completely unfair

and i am sorry.

Dear Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon 2003:

I totally owed you a better review.  Monday night I had a Coors Light then started in on you.  This was around 8.  I know I did not go to bed until about 1 am, after a few hours of munchies and Internet Barrett Jackson crap.

Before bed, I emptied the last of the bottle into my glass.  There was more than a glass left- a third more?  a half more?  who can tell? Who bothers to measure?  Defying my inner cheapskate, I left points on the field, and booze in the glass.  That alone is amazing.

The next same morning rolled around at 10 minutes to 6.  Fucking alarms.  But here is where the story gets weird.  I got up, even though I could squeeze in another hour of snoozing.  I felt… fine.  My head was clear and there was no cinder block vice from too much booze, or too much of the red in red vine.  I WAS a little tired [Ed.: from 5 hours sleep?  Go figure].  My hair did not hurt.  No “please, God, where is the alka seltzer.”  And this was with no quart of water and a couple aspirin because it’s a work night cocktail before crashing.

So thanks.  Of the many different ways to screw myself over physically or economically, I appreciate you not contributing to an old favorite.  Plus, you were tasty.

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