Speaking of chicks, uh, empowered women who could kick W’s ass

Purple car is back, refreshed and renewed. Gone is the general PC on life, the universe and everything Philly. In its place, she is all about the writing.

Wow. Focus, talent and dedication to quality, all on one site.

Contestant: Alex, what are three things that have never been said about mp.com?

Welcome back.

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  • Purple Car January 20, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    Thanks, Pup! *ahem* Doctor. I appreciate the encouragement! Hopefully I can finish my novel this year! You are not to distract me in any way. (yeah, right)

    Thanks, man, you rock like always. It’s almost as if you are a chick, you’re that cool.

    Much MUCH blogging love,



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