Bizarro world – 8 barrel edition

Again, no stickers. Anyhoo, what loon invented this:

Venus Butterfly
1960 Dodge Polara D500 with emperor dildo 30 foot anaconda nuclear butterfly kooky-ass fire hazard manifold

Hmm, put the carburetor right over the red hot exhaust. That, like, totally won’t cause an explosion. It does look cool, in a drop acid before it was cool to do it sort of way.

2 thoughts on “Bizarro world – 8 barrel edition

  1. That’s a 413 with a crossram intake. Intake runners are a certain length in order to get a sort of powerband out of the engine. I do not see any firehazard problem, no more than any other engine.

  2. Thanks. I understand the intake. It is very elegant in a way. I do think that gas lines over exhaust manifolds/headers is a bad idea. No way around it with this design, but I am sure you have seen engines with tall setups to do the same/similar things.

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