Satan is alive

Satan is alive and living on Craiglist. Want proof? This:

Don’t read it.Dad/Daughter Role Play – m4w (East Valley)Don’t read it.

is some fuckhead’s idea of “porn” and a role playing hook up. It is not porn, it is Lucifer’s own colon, after a night of beans, onions, habaneros and battery acid. It’s toxic. Don’t read it. I got two paragraphs in and could not, would not finish. The rage. The utter repulsion. I had to stop before I screamed. Or barfed.

I understand porn. In my capacity as a “researcher of the human condition,” I am not completely unfamiliar with porn. That^^^ is not porn. I don’t know if it’s a crime, in and of itself, but it scares me. It is a window into the mind of the kind of boogeymen I have to protect my babies from.

There’s shit all over CL about the basest kinds of encounters one could ever want, and reading those is sort of like watching Springer or any other train wreck. The “how did you get to that point?” and “are real people really like that?” is what prompts my occasional visits. Plus, its difficult to turn away from the carnage.

This thing, though, was a different creature. It was a play by play of violating a child, under the guise of an idealized “role playing” encounter (supposedly) between two consenting adults. Some sick ass motherfucker put a lot of thought into it, and enjoyed the visual. Some other pieces of shit will read it and enjoy it, imagining the visual. Some wrongheaded chick is going to participate in this shit, like it’s a good thing.

All I saw was that Haney bastard who used to work with my dad (he is now rotting in prison), talking to a kid that might be mine. My soul died a little bit with each passing word. I just had to, I have to hope that this was only a demented version of Dr. G and the Swedish bikini team – i.e., unlikely to occur in the reality-based world at any point before George Bush turns into an effective, respected, honest leader who wins the war on a concept and gives up his stolen oil riches. In other words, just horrific, stupid words from the black pit of imaginary ugliness.

3 thoughts on “Satan is alive

  1. Yes, as both spam and a violation of TOS.

    I stopped short of an anonymous “do us a favor and kill yourself, you @#$%% ^%&$& !#@% @@^#^%, signed the Human Race” because I did not want to personally cross orbits with this evil creature, but yeah, anything else I could do to excise this gangrenous spew.

  2. epilogue:

    the sick fucker above has been posting the same shit every day. Now it has a title disclaimer about the “daughter” role needing to be over 18. I have reported those multiple times as well. CL doesn’t care. So, the shit is out there, and the window into an abuser;s twisted mind remains open.

    So, I am out. I only go to that section for occasional comic relief, which is inherently limited to begin with. This crap is too vile to continue encountering, and I can’t make it stop. What else is there to do?

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