Rhymes with #%$@#^@#^@#^@%%!!!

Valley drivers can expect more speed cameras in ’07.

Expect more freeway speed-enforcement cameras on Arizona freeways by the end of 2007, Gov. Janet Napolitano warned Wednesday.

After reviewing reports that cameras along Scottsdale’s portion of Loop 101 lowered speeds and reduced accidents, state officials are considering ways to duplicate the city’s freeway photo-enforcement program. Arizona could become the first U.S. state with its own freeway speed cameras.

“The pilot project on the Loop 101 was very successful,” Napolitano said. “It had an impact on speeding. It had an impact on accidents.”

“Also, I am a fricking idiot, who does not currently drive myself anywhere, and who gets escorted by badasses who just shove everyone else out of the way. So, you can trust my judgment on the real world in which I no longer live. Deal with it. It’s my money, now. Cha ching, bitches. Get ready to pay all over the place. Mwahahahaha!!”

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