The $6 million Snake

This is what $6 million looks like up close…

Fartknocker 1841

If I knew the buyer premium (10% of the gavel price gets added and paid to the house) on this was more than I will earn this decade, I would have taken a better picture.

Eat the rich.

Then take their cars.

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I was completely unfair

and i am sorry. Dear Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon 2003: I totally owed you a better review.  Monday night I had a Coors Light then started in on you.  This was around 8.  I know I did not go to bed until about 1 am, after a few hours of munchies and Internet Barrett Jackson crap. […]

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Whip out your Norbecker – for chicks

Breast-enhancing beer gains popularity LONDON, Jan. 15 (UPI) — Since Bulgaria joined the European Union, sales of Boza Ale, which claims to give women bigger breasts, has skyrocketed. European men have been purchasing the beer, made from yeast and fermented flour, for European women since the extra taxes were removed with EU participation, Britain’s the […]

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