Yep, as of today, 100 lbs. in about 22 months.  I was really not trying for the last 5.  If I am going to be like I was at 17, I would rather have a different attribute than weight.  Something more in tune with the needs of the chicks that keep trying to relationship me, […]

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my future wife

Yeah, this could totally not be the worst idea ever. —–Original Message—– From: Effects Hazards [mailto:zaujlrr@insightbb.com] Sent: Sat 2/24/2007 2:46 AM To: Wink Dinkerson Subject: How are you? My name is Ekaterina.Hi! How are you? My name is Ekaterina. I from Russia, city Cheboksary. To me 28 years. I shall tell to you about myself […]

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My f***ed up Valentines

More reasons to hate this bull**** holiday, and especially, the whole “enjoy this gift of flowers, which are dead and slowing rotting already” thing: Valentine bouquets ‘are bad for the planet’ Al Gore and Ford beg you. Save your carbon footprint for more important things, like a fat steak on the grill. And those little […]

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