I love this car 2008 Shelby GT500KR – The King of the Road returns! However, the last thing in the world this car needs is more hood. OG Fred will back me up on this. You could land the new Airbus on that hood as is is. Making it bigger and harder to see over […]

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Sir Bono

Dear Sir Guy of Gisbourne Bone-oOK, dude. Whip out your claymore and bring me some dragon. And some better fucking music than those last 11 albums. xxooHRH E2

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The best book ever…

if you’re five. After 35+ years, I finally located it Burt Dow is the story of some dude, a boat, a bandaid and some whales.  I would tell you more, but I haven’t read it in a million years.  I just know it kicked ass back in the day.

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Tequiza 2007

mmm... green beer

This is not the worst beer ever, as long as it is really cold. Less than really cold, and it tastes like beer flavored limeade. I can’t hate it, because after a few of these… well, it was a good night. Yay beer.

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