Slow News Day

New fridge can toss you a beer

By Estes Thompson
The Associated Press

A refrigerator built by Duke University engineering graduate John Cornwell of Atlanta, Ga. can toss a can of beer to your couch with the click of a remote control. (AP)

Raleigh, N.C. – When John Cornwell graduated from Duke University last year, he landed a job as software engineer in Atlanta but soon found himself longing for his college lifestyle. So the engineering graduate built himself a contraption to help remind him of campus life: a refrigerator that can toss a can of beer to his couch with the click of a remote control. “I conceived it right after I got out,” said Cornwell, a May 2006 graduate from Huntington, N.Y. “I missed the college scene. It embodies the college spirit that I didn’t want to let go of.” It took the 22-year-old Cornwell about 150 hours and $400 in parts to modify a mini-fridge common to many college dorm rooms into the beer-tossing machine, which can launch 10 cans of beer from its magazine before needing a reload… more

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