Casino Royale: Best Bond Since…

Best Bond Since I don’t know when. Better than any of the Dalton crap. Better than the Roger Moore tripe. Aston, yes; invisible, no.

I fricking love this movie. The only thing that would make it better is if he nailed that one chick in the Bahamas.

Soap on a rope has a whole new meaning.

A little bit of Saw influence is evident. Also, some Planet of the Apes. (the actual style of running is called parkour)

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  1. I finally got to see it since my traitorous family bought the DVD whilst I was away pickling my liver. Gotta say it’s also my favorite Bond (though Goldeneye comes close despite being an entirely different sort of movie. Loved thunderthighs and the pen sequence.) The gratuitous auto product placement was worthy of some of the AMC uses in the Roger Moore era but when the corporate stable includes the like of Aston, Jag, and Range Rover, that can be forgiven. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any obvious Volvos. I do wish he’d been able to drive the Astons (both old and new)a little more. Regardless, I’ll be watching again this weekend.

  2. You make it sound like a bad garage band name.

    Thunderthighs (not actually called that) was Xenia Onnatop played by Famke Janssen, who got all orgasmic as she crushed men to death between her legs. The pen sequence was a scene near the end where Boris (Alan Cumming) played around with Bond’s pen, one of Q’s toys that would explode when the top was clicked three times in a row. The viewer knows he’ll trigger the device, just not when.

    The other good part of the movie was having Sean Bean play the villian. Like I said, not the same type of movie as Casino, but I found it to be good mindless fun.

  3. yeah, Boromir was a fucker in that movie. I was trying to remember where in Casino there were fat legs or important Bic Clics. That one chick was way hotter in Xmen. At least the pen clicker was less gayified than when her was in Josie and the Pussy cats.

    (yes, there IS supposed to be a joke there.)

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