K-Cars from Space

So THAT’s what it looks like… From I-94, it’s not so impressive; from space it kicks ass. Obviously the little squiggly roads came AFTER they invented God’s Own Chariot the Plymouth Fury. DCX’s high-speed track to get a facelift

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As of today, it has been 5 years at one employer.  This is a new record for me. We have a big celebration here today in honor of the event, consisting of working until 5, followed by going home, eating a ham and cheese and some salad, drinking a beer and playing Warcraft and not […]

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Luck of the…

Deputy dressed as leprechaun arrests speeders on Florida road The Columbus Dispatch Friday, March 16, 2007 JOE BURBANK | ORLANDO SENTINEL Orange County sheriff’s deputy Richard Lockman, dressed as a leprechaun, uses a laser device to clock speeders in Orlando, Fla. ORLANDO, Fla. — There was no pot of gold behind the dancing roadside leprechaun, […]

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