Saturday, on the way home from the bar

ATM Horse
lemme just park my mustang next to this ATM while I get a little shut eye…

Drunk deposits horse in bank for night

Wed Apr 25, 11:14 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German man called on his bank for an unusual service when he was too tired and drunk to go home — he bedded down there for the night with his horse. The man, identified as Wolfgang H. by German media, went to sleep next to cash machines in the local branch of the Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse in Wiesenburg southwest of Berlin after unsaddling his horse Sammy and closing the door. A spokeswoman for the bank said that aside from an undesirable deposit made by his horse inside the building, the 40-year-old account holder had not breached any house rules. “The horse was otherwise very well behaved and kept a good watch on his master,” she said Wednesday. “Perhaps we should have a supply of oats and water on the premises in future.” Another customer discovered the horse and rider as he slept and informed police, who asked the man to leave. A police spokesman said that since the horse’s droppings had been removed, the matter was now closed.

I have never been to Germany. I swear.


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Happy Birthday to Me My Car

2006 Ford Mustang
do me baby. I mean “do me because I drive this baby.”

365 days later and I am still waiting for the Enzyte effect. I love her anyway. I am not that big into naming cars, but if I were, she might bear the name of my favorite hot fiery red-headed babe who is not married to 8, and is not Shirley Manson. After all, the color and indeed the model choice is not completely unrelated.

Kiss my ass, “Eleanor.” You are old and busted.

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Evidently, I recaptured mine last night.  Yay me.  Exorcising some personal demons without winding up as a basket case or worse, married.  That is a first. Exercising my personal demon with the exact opposite of indifference on the other side.  That too, is a first. Note to the ladies:  don’t say “If you want me […]

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