This is not me

I would never do anything like that.  *whistles*

Man steals truck after 17 drinks
Kirsten Keane
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 4, 2007 01:57 PM

A Mesa man was chased down by roadway workers Tuesday night after he  admitted stealing their truck because he didn’t want to walk three  miles to his destination.

And he did it all after having 17 drinks at a local bar.  Steve Patrick Chase, 23, was arrested in the 200 block of North Country Club Drive about 9:30 p.m. where the owner of the truck had him lie down on the pavement until police arrived, police said.

The employee of a road barricade company left his truck running with the overhead lights on while he was placing barricades on the roadway when he noticed his truck driving down Country Club. He and three other barricade employees followed the truck and stopped it a short distance away.

The workers pulled Chase out of the driver’s seat of the truck and had him lie in the roadway, police said.

Chase told police he stole the truck because he did not want to walk three miles to Main Street. He also told police he planned on parking it when he arrived at his destination and calling the police to tell  them where to pick it up.

Chase said he was coming from Groggy’s Bar off Main Street in Mesa where he had 17 alcoholic beverages prior to stealing the truck, according to police reports.

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