I am still here

Sorry for the incredible lightness of being on the internets.  The usual crap has infested my schedule: Chicks, guns, fire trucks. Trials – 2 this month.  Rebellious teeth – also two this month, and part of last.  I blame OG Fred and the comprehensive beer tour of greater Phoenix.

The pictures below are back.  I am trying out imgred.com [Ed. 2014: more dotcoms we outlasted] so that i can stop stealing bandwidth from others.  Maybe someday all those myspacers will pick up on this and stop stealing from me in turn.

(I’ll start holding my breath now)

While were on it:

The Shield continues to rock.  Ditto los Sopranos.  George W.?  Still a pinhead.  Wes Clark?  Still not a chance in hell of making an impact.  Don Imus?  Who is surprised by this clown?  C’mon.  He has been a jackass for years – the latest is just somebody calling him on it.  Hillary (her own self) sent me an email calling him a petard.

That is all I have for the moment.  Bear with the scarcity for a while longer, won’t you?


Dick R. Brettman  Me

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