George to me: GFY

heh, heh, heh..

Today was finally do your taxes day. My ass has never hurt so bad. $1584 to finance a bullshit war machine, while Exxon gets a pass. Fuck!

(It could have been less, if I deducted what I believe I paid in mortgage interest – vs. what Citibank says I paid. But, $300 is not worth a literal ass-reaping in federal prison on top of what the tax code just did to me.)

Again, fuck!

2 thoughts on “George to me: GFY

  1. My ass is pretty well shredded thanks to stock in the in-law’s S Corporation. We’ll be sending an additional $12K on top of what we’ve paid in via paychecks every two weeks. I think it’ll be enough to arm a Hummer or two.

    Of course we don’t actually have the money, having paid off credit cards and making a down payment on a new van this year.

    Hello, Credit Union?

  2. Ouch.

    Pygmy in my office got pushed into AMT due to a stock sale – $45K (on top of withholdings)

    I just wish I got to deduct the kids. Even 1 would help. The shit we give up for freedom…

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