13? What the bloody h***? Something is just not right here. It was just like a month ago the APGAR thing was done and I was giving the Bear her first earth meal ever while watching the Dave Letterman Top 10 (no atmosphere/mood music in that room), then giving her a first peek at the […]

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Blogharbor.our genial hosts, are about to hit post # 3 million.  Congrats to them, but this one ain’t it. (it’s #2,981,903)

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Why Indiana Sucks…

1. Indy 500 can’t run in the rain. 2. Peyton Manning 3. Notre Dame 4. Worst traffic laws ever States have come up with some neat little quips to get people to slow down for work zones on freeways. “Slow for the cone zone” comes to mind. The Hoosier State has shunned the soft sell […]

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You say you want a revolution…

Tania Derveaux
I will give you 40,000 blowjobs

I am the leading NEE party senate candidate in Belgium. And due to popular demand, I will give 40,000 blowjobs to anyone who requests one on this page. Read More

Aerodynamics 101

a car wash + an 80 mph only up to the posted limit blast down the highway does not = a dry Mustang. Back in the Fury days, you hit about 45 and all the water blows off.in spectacular, I wish I were stoned watching this fashion. Today, it’s like “will it finally roll off […]

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