What is wrong with this picture?

Here’s the story:

This is crazy. A guy that lives a couple of houses down from me has had one of those GT-H Rental cars for about six months now. At first I couldn’t figure out why he had it becuase I had read that you can’t buy them, they are only available for rent through Hertz. So I finally decided he must have made a GT-H clone or something. Anyways, he did a lot of mods to it exhaust, intake…

Well today, I watched the cops come to his house, handcuff him, throw him in the back of a cop car, and take him away. I stood outside for a long time listening to the cops talk to the guys dad to see what was going on. When the tow truck finally showed up and the tow truck driver was talking to the cops I heard him ask what was wrong with the car and why he was picking it up and the cop said, “Failure to return rental. It’s a rental car.

So long story short, my neighbor stole one of the GT-H Mustangs and is now in jail for car theft. Just yesterday, even though I have never met him before, we were messing with each other when I was driving next to him in my T/A. But hes had the car for at least six months now.



from Stangnet, via Mustangblog, via autoblog

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