Me to Pep Boys: KMA, dickwads

just me bitching about the original Manny, Moe and Jack…

So it’s time for a new air filter. The air in Phoenix is brown, so the filter is black (like my heart as opposed to my bottom line) after the last year of insane driving. So, I go to Pep Boys. Manny Moe and Jack have Purolator Pure One oil filters, which are the best ones out there. So, why not give them the Kleenex business too, right?


for a fucking air filter? Thanks, but no. I could buy a K&N that lasts for a million miles for that price. Or beer, plus a paper filter that didn’t use an oil company pricing policy. told a different story. $23 for an STP, $10 for a fram. Both are in stock, a quarter mile away from my flat. Sold. Fram oil sucks. Toss out air filters are all the same. My savings almost pay for the gas I blew giving you a chance to make a sale.

Thanks for playing, pep boys.


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