Not dead yet

Sorry. Been busy. The never ending break up. What is so hard about “stop calling me” and “no, I won’t give you that (or “those“) any more”? Yes, this is me saying that second one. Yes, those is what you think they are. Blind luck is its own reward.Mexico. I went there over the weekend. […]

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geek it into a bed much?

I want to be successful.  I don’t have excess weight.  My health is better than the guy on the Sopranos last night.  I just don’t remember the last time my cock geeked it into a bed. Am I already successful?  Or. is there just no hope for successful until I learn to geek it into […]

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about that beer

Springboard Ale?  Three is two too many.  How many too many? Those plus some other weirdo beers from our friends at Trader Joes.

Plus some from Frys.

Let me tell you about a boy named Penis.  He lives.  Every last frat boy part, and all that connotes.  (Except the part about striking out horribly – the drunken booty call went fine, at least the part I remember.)  It’s a simply question of numbers.

I hurt for 2 days.

Sheriff Joe:  Just wait, asshole…

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Why I am smarter than Jalopnik

These pictures, on the other hand, if they’re true, seem to indicate they’re gettin’ the sheet metal done as well. Jalopnik article on new bat shit crazy Corvette. Me:  since when does a Corvette (famous fiberglass bodied car) have sheet metal?  I’m just sayin’. BTW, the transparent hood kicks ass.

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Putting on the Ritz (Carlton)

What exactly does “banned forever” mean? Step 1: Get an invite to a high dollar consultant’s CLE From: Single Chick #1 [] Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 1:05 PM To: mailing list of bastard lawyers Subject: Seminar Confirmation — March 7, 2007 CONFIRMATION This is to confirm your attendance at our Dinner Seminar on […]

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Smell My Fingers

If it’s accurate, you will alternate between aromas of gas fumes, burnt clutch and melted rubber. And that is just from parking all day in the Phoenix sun. (An expensive mistake I made just once with this car.)

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