Not me.

6,000 bottles of wine stolen from liquor store Associated Press Jun. 27, 2007 10:04 AM A 79-year-old man is a suspect in the theft in Phoenix of more than 700 cases of wine reportedly worth more than $250,000. The state Department of Liquor Licenses and Control says the suspect owns the building housing the Hungarian […]

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Kids These Days

What is the world coming to? My mother phoned me last night to tell me that the police chased a couple of kids in their early teens through her yard yesterday. The little miscreants ran into the back and broke through an old wooden fence. The cop, who basically abandoned his cruiser in the throat […]

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Top 25 of the last 25

According to USA Today via Winding Road via Autoblog, these are the cars with the most impact (good or bad) over the last 25 years. Are they right or wrong? 1. 1992 Toyota Camry – wrong. Who f***ing cares. Maybe it made Japanese sedans challenge Americans better, but #1. Nah. Like a Buick anything, it’s […]

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Soup Nazis

NCAA to CU:  F*** you and your value menu.  We hate you. Oklahoma (home of fake jobs that pay better than my real job): LOL, bitches!!! USC (home of free houses, money, morally casual song girls…):  “Untouchable,” bitches!!! OSU (oh, where to start, where to start):  5th Amendment, bitches!!!   NCAA penalizes CU for meals […]

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