pain in the gas

it's not a frogGas sucks. Actually, sucking gas sucks. I came so close to trading for this over the weekend. The problem is that, thanks to gas, plus Hertz and stupid rebates, I am 1200+ upside down. “Buy American” bites me in the ass again. How to stop getting assreaped at the pumps without taking it in the shorts from the banks?

I discovered that I can get 23 in the city with the Mustang. How? Cruise control. It works as well at 40 as it does at 90. The bonus is to kick it off so you can coast up to a stop. Between tripling my 25% better gas mileage and driving a little less, I cut my gas bill in half. Fuck you, Exxon.

The downside? I would look like a fucking retiree, putzing along on my commute. But, it frees up gas for when I want to drive like an idiot – the best of both worlds.

(It (the urban cruise) also comes in handy driving home from the bar when you are not looking to give a cop behind you any excuse.)

So now you know my secret.

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