Bring Out Your Best

Man shot four times over beer

 Elias C. Arnold

The Arizona Republic
Jun. 10, 2007 12:17 PM

A man was shot early Sunday when he refused to give an attacker his 12-pack of beer. Phoenix police reported the man suffered four gunshot wounds to the stomach, leg and groin. His injuries were described as serious but non-life-threatening. The victim was returning home from purchasing the beer about 5 a.m. near 7th Street and Broadway Road when an unidentified man approached him and demanded the alcohol, police said. When the victim refused, the shooter opened fire with a .45 caliber handgun, police said.

2 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Best

  1. With apologies to Jack Dova, is Bud Light “beer”?
    Anyway, South Phoenix, hot day, cold beer? I am sure it is still waiting there to be picked up by its owner.
    It’s not like Phoenix cops (or bums) would blast through it in 3.5 seconds/bottle and then park in front of a friend’s house to scream obscenities or some weird shit like that.

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