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NCAA to CU:  F*** you and your value menu.  We hate you.

Oklahoma (home of fake jobs that pay better than my real job): LOL, bitches!!!

USC (home of free houses, money, morally casual song girls…):  “Untouchable,” bitches!!!

OSU (oh, where to start, where to start):  5th Amendment, bitches!!!


NCAA penalizes CU for meals violations

The school loses three football scholarships after finding walk-on athletes were undercharged.

By Adrian Dater
Denver Post Staff Writer

Article Last Updated: 06/22/2007 12:05:16 AM MDT

Boulder – University of Colorado athletic teams will be under probation for the next two years, the football team will lose three scholarships and the school will pay a $100,000 fine – all because some walk-on student-athletes were undercharged for meals over about five years.

If that sounds harsh or even ridiculous, it doesn’t to CU associate athletic director Ceal Barry, whose conscience prevented her from not reporting to the NCAA the 133 violations from 2000-05 that earned the school sanctions Thursday.

“You want to be committed to doing the right thing all the time,” Barry said at a news conference.

The NCAA imposed the two-year probation sanction – which won’t affect postseason play or television appearances – and reduced by one the number of scholarships the Buffs’ football program can award for each of the next three years (limiting the school to 24 initial scholarships under current rules). The $100,000 fine is to be donated to a local homeless or food bank-related charity, and the campus is to undertake a “comprehensive educational program on NCAA violations” for CU athletic department staff.

Barry said the violations constituted “essentially an accounting mistake” by various school personnel over what to charge walk-on athletes for training-table meals. The average difference between a dorm-cafeteria meal and a higher-cost training-table meal was between $6 and $8. The NCAA counted the overall cost differential as an unauthorized subsidy in the amount of $61,700 during the five-year period

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