Kids These Days

What is the world coming to?

My mother phoned me last night to tell me that the police chased a couple of kids in their early teens through her yard yesterday. The little miscreants ran into the back and broke through an old wooden fence. The cop, who basically abandoned his cruiser in the throat of my parents’ driveway, gave chase and eventually collared them and hauled them in. It seems that the boys had stolen some keys from the Lincoln-Mercury dealership down the road. They were probably planning on going back after hours to drive a few cars.

Back in my day such a thing would have been unthinkable. Makes me fear the worst for the future of our nation that teenagers could be capable of hatching such a plot.

One thought on “Kids These Days

  1. Completely unthinkable. Are cops really interested in that sort of thing? I wonder if that would cause the dealer to start blocking the driveway with cars on Sundays, lest one of their Town Cars, uh, escape. I, for one, am outraged

    (They should have at least gone to the Ford dealer and selected a few flavors of Mustang or Shelby.

    Mariner hybrids? Wow. Used Caddy’s and Dodge Darts? Impressive, like a leisure suit. Morons.)

    Next you will probably tell me the hooligans have bounce-parked a Honda Civic. Or loitered at the dealer as an excuse to smoke.

    It’s a sign of the apocalypse, I tell ya.

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