He Slimed Me

It’s 7:50 and i am on my way to work. Windows down, music up, riding the buzz of another crazy weekend. I am at the intersection by the ratty kwik-e mart when I feel and hear something on my ass. No, the car’s ass. I look and yes, there is a car behind me but […]

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My busy day at work

2 helicopters following police pursuit crash in Phoenix This was about a mile away from me. About a chip shot from Jack Dova. Across the street from Superstar’s old office. No word yet whether the suspect got away. “Felony murder” is likely to be a term he becomes familiar with…

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Enzo Wept

430 fire
Disco Inferno

Ferrari F430 Accident – Pretty Car, Pretty Flame…

Paraphrasing the title of the 1996 Serbian film “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame”, the burning Ferrari F430 pictured above sure gave a spectacular show to by passers on the South Luzon Expressway that connects Metro Manila with the provinces of the Calabarzon region in the Philippines. Anyone got any idea how this accident happened? -More images after the jump

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Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

Again, it’s all about ass. Not that there is anything wrong with it: I spent Saturday on a boat with 7 gay cowboys, two lesbians and a straight chick. So that makes 8 people checking out my ass. That (7 gay cowboys) is a lie. there were 4 gay rodeo dudes, alandscaper, a couple appraisers […]

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