Karma to Dr. G: Let me show you some love, brah

You know the usual scenario, with me and Karma.

World: Let us hand you your ass, Dr. G.
Me: Fuck!
Karma: No, not hardly.

Sometimes things go the complete opposite of everything you ever knew. Yes, this is about that. No, it is not about her, although she cannot get me out of her head. Somebody new. Yes. No. Yes. YES. “Oh God.” Yes. 3? 4? No. No. No. NO.

That last one really surprised me. Actually, everything that has happened this year has been completely unbelievable. It’s like I turned into my hero Phid. Woulda been nice to figure these things out 20 years ago.

Karma: Why you whiny little bitch. I oughta…
Me: I’m just sayin’.
Me: *naps after a 2 hour “lunch”*

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