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UK: Two More Speed Cameras Destroyed
Vigilantes destroyed another pair of speed cameras in London and Somerset, UK.

Vigilantes destroyed another pair of UK speed cameras this week. In London, a gasoline-soaked tire was attached to a speed camera located on Rochester Way in Bexley at 1am. The tire was then set alight and blazed until the local fire department arrived. Vigilantes finished the job begun in an earlier attack that left the device slightly damaged.

Burning tires also destroyed a speed camera in Somerset, UK at 12:49am Wednesday. The camera had been issuing citations on the A37 at Gurney Slade. According to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, there may have been two witnesses to the incident.

Source: Alleged Second Speed Camera Blaze (London News Shopper (UK), 7/19/2007)

Yay, civil disobedience. Up yours, big bro’.

Now if they could learn from this example in Scottsdale. And Parasite Valley. And toiletville Mesa. And…

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