Wolverine beer

Wolverine Beer

1. Wolverine Beer stands for Michigan.Yes, that’s right. Your beer says a lot about you. What do you stand for?

2. Wolverine Beer is real beer. It has a clean crisp taste that stands up to a burger but won’t slow you down.

3. Wolverine Beer kicks ass. Don’t let us catch you drinking light beer or a namby pamby foreign beer.

Drink Wolverine: Pound for pound it’s the toughest beer out there.

Not sold in Ohio.

5 thoughts on “DRINK WOLVERINE

  1. Send one out to Mars Arizona. In the mean time, perhaps my A2 buddies will acquire some. Seriously – 8, Phid – I am talking to you.

    Does it taste like real wolverine?

    does it go well with super beef burritos?

    Is it a beer bong beer, or a football Saturday beer or a “stack empties in the window and drive to Ypsi” beer

  2. First bottle… slightly piquant aroma, reminiscent of a milder Molson Golden. First sip… a trace of the skunk in the aftertaste. Moderately carbonated. Subsequent swallows.. Nothing offensive, extremely clean finish. Overall …not too much to love, nothing to hate. It would be a near perfect thirst slaker on a hot day. I’d better repeat the test in order to rule out any possibility of error. More to report later.

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