Plymouth Arrow

Plymouth Fire Arrow
Not Pictured? Raging rust infection.

Me And My Arrow: Plymouth Fire Arrow on eBay

We know this is a fake. Why? Because:

  • rust never sleeps. This car should not exist in the 21st century.

Me: Your ‘new’ 3 year old car is all brown and splotchy with rust.
Milquetoast: It was blue when I bought it yesterday from those clowns on Stadium Drive.

  • nobody with a brain bought them.
  • nobody with a brain ever lent them to their brother for felonious excursions to boy scout property on the lake.
  • tinfoil construction was not a durable technology. If you looked at it funny, it would dent. (Or rust.)

The one saving grace on this car? it could make the South Haven to Richland to South Haven run on ‘E.’ Very handy for those who spent all their gas money on beer and Hangover McMuffins.

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