What The F*** Happened?

Mike hart Michigan
Sports Illustrated jinx is alive and well

OG?  Phid?  Bueller?

Seriously.  What.  The.  Fuck?


My deepest condolesences[sic.]. Well, is Lloyd destined to become Michigan’s Earle Bruce??????

Look App State is bad enough, but you guys lose to the dreaded Irish (who by the way got WAXED by G Tech) and well, Illinois move over, there is a new weak sister in the basement corner !

Lastly, having experienced similar let downs (albeit never the “Greatest upset in College Football history”, oh my !!!), my advice to you is to start drinking heavily !

Woody  (an OSU grad, if the punctuation did not spell that out.)

The only good part is that I was in Mexico.  Even if I was not, I couldn’t have seen it because the Big Ten Network sucks balls.

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