Why Arizona sucks, part 113

Vans will enforce speed everywhere

“We don’t believe in the Constitution anymore” – AZ DPS

Diana Balazs and Carol Sowers
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 5, 2007 12:00 AM

If you think you’ve escaped speed cameras after leaving Scottsdale’s Loop 101 freeway, think again. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has awarded a $96,000-a-year contract to Scottsdale-based Redflex Traffic Systems for two mobile speed-enforcement cameras at high-volume collision sites on state highways. The sensor-triggered vans, which run on alternative fuel, could turn up anywhere in the state in the next 60 days as part of a pilot program to reduce speed and collisions, Lt. Bob Ticer said. “They can be on urban or rural highways, construction zones and intersections, wherever our commanders tell us there are a high number of crashes,” he said. The first two vans are possibly the first step in expanding the speed cameras into a “more complex statewide system,” Ticer said. The Redflex contract, awarded Aug. 20, is for one year, but could be renewed for another year. “That would give us time to see if speeds are slower, and if they are reducing crashes.” Ticer said. “That is our goal.” DPS also has not ruled out cameras on stationary poles, like those on a 7.8-mile stretch of Scottsdale’s portion of Loop 101 between Scottsdale Road and the Pima Road/90th Street intersection. There is evidence that freeway cameras reduce the severity of collisions by slowing traffic. We fucking made it up, based on bullshit and bad logic, but so what? Cameras on Scottsdale’s stretch of the Loop 101 reduced crashes by as much as 70 percent compared with a segment of the freeway in the West Valley, according to a January preliminary report by Simon Washington, an Arizona State University traffic expert, who elected not to analyze the number of crashes CAUSED by those stupid things going off, or people nailing the brakes to avoid them. Redflex pioneered the Loop 101 cameras. But in May, the City Council awarded the contract to American Traffic Solutions Inc., also in Scottsdale, a Redflex rival. Pat Dodds, a Scottsdale spokesman, welcomed the new vans.
“That’s great news,” he said. “They are clearly moving ahead with the program. Also, I am a fucking nanny state idiot.” DPS has experience with photo-enforcement cameras. The agency oversees and issues citations on the Scottsdale leg of the Loop 101, under a deal with the city.

God I hate these clowns. Thank god for some civil disobedience. Too bad it’s all talk.

Just spray a little white paint over the radar eye, and no more tickets…. What’s the problem? I would not do it, but that stops the machine from taking speeds etc.

When people get tired of being monitored all the time, someone WILL spray paint on the cameras.

3 thoughts on “Why Arizona sucks, part 113

  1. i think there are methods to ‘hide’ your vehicle’s plate. i didn’t try but i heard it works.

  2. Maybe Arizona sucks but I still love Phoenix. It’s heaven on earth. Life is
    wonderful, and gas is only $1.25 per gallon. Really nice homes sell for about $22,000, and there are no traffic jams. The temperature is a constant 72 degrees F, and every woman is beautiful and every man is handsome. Oh! And i heard that you can easily get here a (fake)
    diploma too! Tucson, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to offer. It’s a wasteland. A dead-end existence. A hell hole. You’ll hate it. There’s no water here. None. It has to be trucked in from Las Vegas. Housing costs are the most expensive in the country — and the javelins will chew their way into your bedroom at night and attack you while you sleep.

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