9.11: The real story

Here is why today is really important

It’s international Dave day

It is the 10 year anniversary of getting cut.  FWIW, for the first 9.8 years after that decision, I was filled with regrets.  The last 0.2 has surpassed the previous in every respect.  Yay me. 




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One thought on “9.11: The real story

  1. FWIW? The first 9.8 years you were filled with regret, Why? Having “…surpassed the first 9.8 years in every respect,” would the last 0.2 years have been even sweeter if still uncut? Was the pain, cost, loss of potential additional mini MP generations and 9.8 years of regret ultimately worth what I can only assume to be .2 years of mind-blowing nookie! Hopefully, so much love without the glove that the cost portion of the gloves, would probably have offset the cost of the cut already!

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