Caol Ila vs. The World

In honor of Phid, I had some Balvenie and Caol Ila with Pod. I think Caol Ila is Gaelic for ?Skull Island? (home of King Kong).

Michael Jackson on Caol Ila: Fragrant. Menthol. Markedly vegetal. Vanilla pod.Creamy.

[Ed.: This is the famous dead scotch drinking Michael Jackson talking, not the formerly famous, dead career weirdo Michael Jackson.]

Melissa (in my attorney’s office):  goat-like, with hints of volcanic ash and cinder.

Me:  Insouciant and perturbed.  More than a mouthful is a brain aneurysm, but in a good way.

The Balvenie was really good, but almost too elegant and perfected for scotch connoisseurs poseurs like me.  It is a Range Rover with a heads up Nav system and a Harmon Kardon stereo that the valet parks at the country club.  Meanwhile, Caol Ila is a Hummer H1 with no doors (any longer), covered in mud and close-cropped bluegrass from entering via the back 9, with some poor caddy desperately clinging to the brushguard.

[Ed.: Not that anything like this has EVER happened.]

By comparison, Ardbeg would be that same Hummer, except landed on its side, on the roof of the club, after some Phid-style Baja driving.

I have no idea what that metaphor means, other than “I like scotch.”

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