I’ll Take exercises in Futility for $1, Alex

Alex Trebek:  And the answer is “this has absolutely no hope of an effect on anything important.”

Zombie Bo:  What is the 2nd Annual Go Blue Pep Rally on Friday?  Seriously Alex,I don’t have the first fucking clue.  What the hell is “pep,” anyway?   I know what pcp is.  Goddamn Johnny Wangler.  “Pep?  Is that like “poop”?  Swear like a fucking man, Alex!!!  We’re 0-2 in football, not goddamn tiddlywinks. This is serious.  “Shit” serious, not “oops, it’s number 2” pantywaisted nancy-boy bullshit. Call me when you schedule a murderous rage fest or a harpoon the leprechaun rally.  I don’t have time for this pussy ass “pep” shit!!!

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