Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s dilemma time here at the intergalactic command post.

I have the opportunity to go from this to this. From blogharbor hosting to pressharbor hosting

Criteria BH PH Like, why?
sameness XXX because a=a
differentness XXX because a<=>b, Mr. Wizard
comments push push spam sucks
trackbacks push push spam sucks
additional authors push push you still need my permission. OG Fred posted 2 things in three years. Superstar posted 2. Not a point of contention.
comments with your nom de merde xxx You don’t need me to make an account for you.
Hate Notre Dame XXX XXX Everyone does.
$$$ X A little bit more for the pressharbor
existing comments X migrated comments will lose their non-anonymousness
effect on readers insufficient data points.
Google <3’s me XXX unknown Superstar’s rant might not be #10 out of 130 million any more, if the Gewgle love does not continue to flow. OTOH, she hasn’t called me to rant about the Shield in more than a year, so maybe that is not a dealbreaker.
continuity of stats Oh jeez, do i have to update my counts? Crap. Where is that excel spreadsheet?
Beer XXX XXX There is always room for beer.

So what do you think? Old? New?

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One thought on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. You snoozed, you losed. Anyway, the decision was made before it went up for a vote, just like a Michigan Stadium Expansion or an Iraq war or something.

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