Yay Civil Disobedience

Speed traps suck. They have always sucked. They will always suck.
Courageous Freedom-Loving Scot Credited with SETTING FIRE TO stupid, abhorrent £30K ROAD SAFETY CAMERA

12:00 – 10 September 2007

A Disgruntled driver was today blamed for torching a £30,000 speed camera on a busy commuter route. The fire is the latest vandal attack on speed cameras across the North-east. The unit was today due to be examined to see if it could be repaired or whether it would need to be replaced. The camera, on the A96 Aberdeen to Inverurie road at Marshall Trailers on the Tyrebagger, was targeted around 4 am yesterday. Julie Milne, of the North-east Safety Camera Partnership (NESCAMP), said: “I would think it would be someone disgruntled having received a fine. “But the cameras are there for people’s safety, not to catch people out. “They are only on the roads where there is a speed problem.” A police spokesman said: “We got a call about the camera being on fire and Grampian Fire and Rescue Service quickly extinguished it.
“The incident is being treated as wilful fireraising.”

In unrelated, worse news, AZ is expanding its photofascist radar traps.

Arizona: Second Town Begins Freeway Speed Camera Project
Prescott Valley to begin the second freeway speed camera program in the state of Arizona.
Evil bastards subverting the ConstitutionThe town of Prescott Valley is preparing to add speed cameras to the freeways that run through the town beginning October 6. The program is a joint project with the state Departments of Public Safety and Transportation, which will serve as a model for other cities looking to get in on the action. Scottsdale’s Loop 101 freeway project last year proved that just six cameras could generate $17 million worth of tickets. Traitorous Orwellian Governor Janet Napolitano (D) envisions a speed camera on every freeway in the state within the next few years.

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