Dear Roger Goodell:

Cardinals policy on my cameraphone:

4. The ticket holder will not transit or aid in transmitting any picture, account or description (whether text, data or visual) in any media now or hereafter existing of all or any part of the football game or related events.

Hey Roger – Up yours:

  1. Some jerkweed parked in Orange lot ยง12. Is that a “related event”?
    Mr. Wonderful scores free tickets
  2. The concourses were loud and full of blurry people

way trippyDan Quayle finds work in AZ

  1. Some guy punted.
    hot man on man game action
  2. Other guys huddled.

Tonight we dine in Glendale

  1. Still other guys (yellow shirt, right of frame) sent their signals to the Patriots .
    Guy on right:  if I scratch my balls, go cover 2 with a strong side LB blitz.  Or bring me some goddamn tough actin' Tinactin
  2. Some dork sent a text message with a picture of himself and the Bear in the stands DURING THE GAME.

What are you gonna do about it?


Pac Man Jones, Mike Vick, Ricky Williams…

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