Notes from the weekend

  1. Napoleon syndrome – this little prick thought he could DUI me into a ditch on Friday. Think again smart guy.


reckless driver

Ah glorious Scottsdale. Eye candy abounds…

Jaguar Mustang
hello kitty
benz mustang
Nürburgring this, Deutschman -you’re in NASCAR town
  1. Why Buick will always suck. The cars may be OK, but your Arizona Buick dealers are dumbshits
Buick Lucerne
pimp my roof
Buick Lucerne
is there an L on my forehead?

Carriage roofs? Gold badges? It it really 1979 all over again?

  1. Lions WTF
  2. Cardinals WTF x 100
  3. Buffs WTF x 100,000,000,000

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